What is the time to interact with a woman? What is the key?

What is the time to interact with a woman? What is the key?

#Do not be shy to know:

1. There is no acid in the uterus and vaginal during menstrual periods. So it can be easily infected with bacteria.
2. There may be acute pain during and after convulsions.
3. Bloodshed can be relatively high.
4. Mental disorder may be caused due to body being impure.
4. Male vaginal bleeding may lead to sexual intercourse.
6. There is a spread of sexually transmitted diseases in women.
7. Similarly, if there is a sexually transmited disease, then the male body can spread rapidly.
8. The uterus may rot in the mouth, which can later bring a fatal consequence.
9. As like Religions, sexual intercourse is unlawful.

#Sexual intercourse advice:

Current medical science says that in menstrual period, the discharge from the uterus of the female contains some toxic compounds. Men should have sexual intercourse because of men’s syphilis, gonorrhea, lingering, lung distortion, and other diseases.

It breaks the egg and goes out with the discharge of the menstrual cycle. There are no eggs during menstrual period. Those who think that they do not have children while they do not have sexual intercourse, it is their very ignorance. But sometimes the egg is made during menstruation, although it is rare.

During a menstruation, a girl is very sick, with unbearable pain – pain, nausea, headache. In this situation, having sexual intercourse with her is nothing but inhuman torture.

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