Trust in the Almighty that every moment will be auspicious!!

Trust in the Almighty that every moment will be auspicious!!

Trust in the Almighty that every moment will be auspicious!!, Moment’s story is about a little sprat. The child claimed that Paramatma meet the Supreme. He always used to say at home that he’d sit and eat with his superior one day.

The tiffin that the child used to take to the academy, he always allowed!

The superior would one day sit and partake in this tiffin with him. The child’s parents always comforted him that he was patient and said- do not worry, the superior will surely sit and eat with him one day.

The child’s parents were also veritably devout. As a result, Puja Archa continued at home. But because of the asseveration of the child, his parents allowed

We worshiped him so much that we in no way met him. So how will this child meet him?

Still, the child sat down one day averring that moment he’d partake his tiffin with his superior, else he’d noway return home. The child went to the academy and when it was tiffin time he saved it by not eating tiffin.

This time when the academy was over, he didn’t return home. Then and there he started looking for the superior.

Now the child went out of the megacity to look for the superior. A swash flows some distance from the megacity. The child walked to the bank of the swash and stood in a calm and mellow atmosphere. Meanwhile, the sun’s light has bedimmed in the western sky.

Just also he saw an old man sitting still on the bank of the swash. The child walked towards the old man, sat down next to the old man, and said- will you eat with me? I did not eat tiffin moment, I brought it for you. The child allowed that he was the Supreme Soul.

Meanwhile, the old man with his scourged, wispy hair fluttered in the wind. And looking at his face, it’s clear that he’s also staying for someone. He’s also veritably empty. So he replied to the child’s question- yea, I’ll eat.

The sprat precipitously took out the tiffin box from the academy bag, and the old man held it out and said- take it and start eating. The old man began to eat and said to the child you also eat. The child also started eating with a smile, Yes, Trust in the Almighty that every moment will be auspicious!!.

For a long time, they played sluggishly, sat, and talked. Meanwhile, the sun had set and it was evening. So now the child said- allow me to go home now. My parents are looking for me, allowing me.

The old man said-ok, you go home now. The child left for home. And looking back again and again while moving forward. He saw the old man also looking at him and smiling, blessing him. When the child reached home, he set up that the house was overrun.

He can not be set up and his mama is crying in the middle. Everyone is running sluggishly. But the child entered the house smiling.

So father asked where have you been all this time? And what happens so happy you feel happy? The child said- the moment I participated in tiffin with the supreme being.

Did you know, he’s old? I really enjoyed meeting his moment. The child’s mama held the child to her casket.

Meanwhile, the old man who was sitting on the bank of the swash came from afar down the vill. He was starving for two days, with no bone
allowed him to eat.

Exhausted, Udas was sitting on the bank of the swash. And he too was called the supreme being in his heart.

So when he got some food, he felt a little strong. He sluggishly stood up and walked towards the vill. After reaching the vill, the people of the vill saw him looking veritably happy moment.

So they asked what is the matter, the moment you look veritably happy?

The old man said- I met my superior moment. He came as a child. Gave me darshan, sat beside me and fed me, and also left.
So friend a short story, the main gist of which is-

The child saw the godly in the old man, and the old man saw the godly in the child. Every moment, every moment, He’s around you. He pervades every critter, every actuality. Just need to look at it from that point of view.

This is why I said if you trust yourself, trust in the One over, every moment will be auspicious. Just need to trust.

So I’ll say again and again with the blessings of the Almighty, with your own due industriousness, and with the love of your fellow man, do what the whole world wants to do like you because the bones
who win are those who show up.

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