Tried assassination of Ukrainian President Zelensky 3 times

Tried assassination of Ukrainian President Zelensky 3 times

Russia has been conducting military operations in Ukraine for the once ten days. Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has survived three assassination attempts since Russia launched a so-called” special operation.”Zelensky, who has come to a world-famed figure for showing strictness against his arch-rival Russia, has preliminarily said he fears he’s the number one target of the Russian crusade. “News BBC”. Tried assassination of Ukrainian President Zelensky 3 times.

The conspiracies were baffled after Russian intelligence advised Ukrainian officers. The Washington Post reports that two separate groups were transferred to croak the Ukrainian chairman. One is the Wagner Group, a Russian civil force, and the other is the Chechen revolutionary group.

Russia’s Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Security Service (FSB), has advised Ukraine of a unit of Kadyrovites. The Kadirovites are a special elite force made up of chains. They were transferred to croak Zelensky. Oleksiy Danilov, the clerk of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council, was quoted as saying that attempts to croak the chairman had been” baffled”.

“I can say that we’ve entered information from the FSB that they don’t want to take part in this bloody war,” Danilov said, claiming that Chechen special forces had been killed on the outskirts of the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, on Saturday.

The FSB’santi-war unit reportedly passed the information to Ukrainians. On the morning of the war, the United States offered to remove President Zelensky from Ukraine, but Zelensky refused. Rather, he wants to stay in Kyiv with the help of security outfits and close associates in the Russian attack. President Zelensky’s decision was hailed around the world.

In a speech to the nation, French President Emmanuel Macho described Zelensky as”a reflection of honesty, freedom, and courage.”

Zelensky considers himself the number one target of Russia’s aggression, but on Thursday called addresses with Russian President Vladimir Putin the only way to end the war.

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