The cowhands’ playoff rival experts picked in the showdown!

The cowhands’ playoff rival experts picked in the showdown!

He is just one day down from the 49ers hosting the Dallas cowhands in the divisional round of the NFL playoffs, in what could be their biggest game at Levi’s Stadium. T The winner advances to the NFC Championship Game on Jan. 29– and one step closer to Super Bowl LVII in Glendale, Ariz. With a classic contest in the books, these two brigades will turn the runner on Sunday and write their own stories. Can novitiate quarterback Brock Purdy lead the 49ers to the NFC Championship for the alternate time in a row? The cowhands’ playoff rival experts picked in the showdown!

Or will Dak Prescott lead the cowhands to an NFC Championship 27 times? Then is what people on the interwebs are saying.

cowhands showdown in the playoffs! The cowhands’ playoff rival experts picked in the showdown!


That response came from two directors and three assistant trainers who spoke on condition of obscurity.

” The cowhands have the capability to produce the kind of pressure that can make Purdy look like a novitiate and make miscalculations,” the superintendent said.” It’ll come down to whether Brock cares about football.”

” Dallas will make life delicate, but San Francisco has a lot of munitions on offense,” another superintendent said.

” The cowhands are veritably worried,” one trainer said.” cowhands’ defense will stop the run and confuse the novitiate QB.” ” The cowhands are explosive,” said one trainer who picked the 49ers.” I suppose Kyle will know how to attack Dan’s defense and make plays.”


” What to watch Niners quarterback Brock Purdy has passed every test put in front of him therefore far, but the cowhands’ defense represents the biggest challenge Purdy and the 49ers’ offense will face. The cowhands lead the NFL in pressure change ( 39) and on the season.

species second in sacks per dropback(8.6). Purdy has handled the pressure well in a small sample, with four touchdown passes and no interceptions since getting the starter in Week 14. How he handles what Dallas throws at him. This is a classic play. – He’ll go a long way to decide the winner of the competition.”– Nick Wagner

” Bold vaticination Brett Maher will make a game-winning 47- yard field thing against the 49ers to shoot the cowhands to their first NFC crown game since the 1995 season.

The rovers lost after four points- after attempts for the wild-card spot. However, All eyes will be on, If Maher wins. And he will look like the kick who set the cowhands’ record for points in a season and missed just three field thing attempts and three PATs in the regular season. Now that is gutsy.”– Todd Archer

Eric Moody’s picks 49ers 34, cowhands 27
Seth Walder’s picks 49ers 30, cowhands 28
FPI Forecast DAL,53.2( by an normal of0.9 points)

CBS Sports:

” The crazy thing about this game is that it surely has the implicit to turn into an obnoxious shootout. Since Week 7, these two have been the highest-scoring brigades in the NFL, and that largely has to do with the fact that both brigades had big effects that week 49- for Christian McCaffrey.

The trade was when Dak Prescott returned from his injury. ” While this game could turn into a shootout, it could also turn into a protective battle and that is because both of these brigades are ranked in the top five for smallest points allowed heading into the 2022 season.

” The most intriguing coaching tourney of the game has to be Kyle Shanahan’s. Dan Quinn’s defense. Falcons’ epic. Super Bowl.

Fall in LI. In that game, Quinn was the Falcons’ head trainer while Shanahan was the obnoxious fellow, so I guess we’ll end up with Atlanta falling.” will be responsible for it. ” The 49ers have been one of the stylish brigades in the NFL this time, but I am still not sure how they are going to fare against a good platoon.

Their triumphs have come in a bad division( including the playoffs, where they lost 7- 0 and 7- 4 against NFC West brigades. Also, since Brock Purdy took over the starting job, the 49ers have not really been tested because they have not faced any really good brigades.

Purdy has looked great, but he faced five brigades in the regular season with a combined record of 35-49-1.”

USA Today:

” The Niners look like one of the stylish, most balanced brigades in the playoff field. Kyle Shanahan created a scheme that allowed Purdy to shine. And while the cowhands are recovering from a recent depression in the wild-card round, the 49ers’ defense is elite at every position and the cowhands fit the bill..

Game news:

” The 49ers and cowhands are the only brigades to enjoy shindig triumphs in the wild-card round, with San Francisco delivering at home and Dallas doing so on the road.

Brock Purdy and Dak Prescott are the most popular QBs heading into the divisional round. Nick Bosa and Micah Parsons also had poor protective performances, independently.

” The 49ers are riding an 11- game winning band and have depth and a variety of obnoxious munitions around Purdy. They also have a significant home-field and rest advantage. Christian McCaffrey and the handling game give San Francisco the edge, comfortably controlling the fourth quarter to take points.”

Pro Football Talk:

” Michael David Smith said After watching the cowhands dominate the rovers on Monday night, I am tempted to pick a worried then. But I suppose Brock Purdy will do enough to keep the 49ers’ offense going and the 49ers’ defense in check to win a low-scoring game.” Call for. Will force Prescott into many successions.”

” Mike Florio’s Take The 49ers have a collection of bad guys who can roll out of bed and run through slipup walls. And trainer Kyle Shanahan plays it down, knowing that having two redundant days makes all the difference in the world, especially defensively. – fellow Dan Quinn is canvassing for the Broncos job with the cowhands when he else prepares to crack Shanahan’s law and not crack his own.”

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