The Best Foods to Help Your Sleep & Diet Guide Healthy Eating & Nutrition and Others to Avoid

What kind of food should be taken before bedtime and what kind of food should be avoided?

The Best Foods to Help Your Sleep & Diet Guide Healthy Eating & Nutrition and Others to Avoid.There are many problems in sleeping at night. Many do not sleep, some sleep again but it is not exactly the same. Some people have a fearful appetite for sleeping in the middle of sleep. And all these problems are problematic, but there are many bad habits of food before bedtime. Many of us do not know what kind of food (food) we should take before bed and what all food should be excluded. But those rules follow the same, but it is very easy to match the sunshine. Let’s discuss today with all those issues.

Choose Milk and Milk Products:

Drink warm milk is helpful to sleep. Because milk and milk are very rich in triptophan & a sleepy substance. Honey, banana and poultry food etc. contains amino acids triptophan, which is helpful for sleeping.


Playing in stomach food increases the blood testphrine value. Taffeta is a pudding bowl and a cup of milk and curd and cakes or bread and cheese.

Night food:

Those who have insomnia and cut short nights, practice eating a little food before going to bed. But only a small amount. And it is better to milk, turn, banana etc. Playing more bad hazam, sleeping can be interrupted.

Do not say fried vegetables before bedtime:

The lesser the fat is eaten, the better the sleeping. Studies have shown that people who eat more fatty foods than those that are not only gross but also have their niggers cut off. In addition to grinding the gram digestion before bedtime. As a result, there is no sleep.

Beware of caffeine:

Drinking a cup of tea or coffee in the afternoon or evening can cause sleep breakdown. Sleep problems in the medium quality caffeine are also. Only tea, why coffee? Chocolate, cola and caffeine. Caffeine may also contain medicines. Pain killer medicines, weight loss medicines, abstinence medicines, cold-cold medicines may contain caffeine. It’s good to check.

Do not drink alcohol, not smoking:

Drinking in the night is unsuitable, sleep is very problem. Alcoholism is very bad for health. Smoking is even worse. However, the exclusionary. It’s a big bad habit. Smoking certainly does not relax mind and body. Smoking causes sleep disorders. So it should never be smoked before going to sleep.

Sausage less:

Eating dinner in the night is very bad. And oil-rich spice-rich food for food is bad for health. Can cause discomfort. During sleep, the pakatantra becomes slow, so if the eating of a spicy food, the book may be burnt. If you have to eat a healthy diet, you should end up eating 4/5 hours before sleeping.

Eat less protein:

Prolonged protein intake should be eaten during sleep, but should not be eaten at night before sleeping. Protein food digestion is a big problem. At night, eating animal proteins before bedtime is rather good at one glass of hot milk.

Drinking Water is less after 8 P.M:

Drink plenty of water all day long. But it is not good to drink so much water from bed before long. Why do you go to sleep in the toilet repeatedly to sleep?


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