Ten Behaviors That Can Block Your Intuitive Power !!

Ten Behaviors That Can Block Your Intuitive Power !!

Did you know that most people have hints of intuition in their minds? It is more advanced and conventional for some. The good news is that you can bring out the best in your intuitive abilities by adopting a few habits. Do you ever “know” something in your head before you’ve had a chance to study and rationalize it? Some people call this phenomenon their inner voice or gut feeling. No one knows how your intuitive abilities work, Ten Behaviors That Can Block Your Intuitive Power.

Ten Behaviors That Can Block Your Intuitive Power, 10 Behaviors That Can Block Your Intuitive Ability 10 Behaviors That Can Block Your Intuitive Ability Intuitive Ability

Did you know that most people have hints of intuition in their minds? It is more advanced and conventional for some. The good news is that you can bring out the best in your intuitive abilities by adopting a few habits. Do you ever “know” something in your head before you’ve had a chance to study and rationalize it? Some people call this phenomenon their inner voice or gut feeling.

Ten Behaviors That Can Block Your Intuitive Power, No one knows how your intuitive abilities work. In an article in the Association for Psychological Science, Dr. Joel Pearson presents a study on the intuition that he conducted with colleagues.

Pearson’s analysis concluded that people can use this unconscious knowledge to make decisions and guide them throughout their lives. He also states in the essay that intuitive ability can be measured scientifically.

Do you have intuitive abilities?

Your inner voice can surprise you sometimes. For example, maybe you woke up one morning with a deep concern for a friend or loved one. That day, the same person calls you and says they came to your mind at a car wreck around the same time. Is it just a coincidence, or are you connecting with that person on a higher level?

Although such instances are rare for most people, it can happen more often than others. Have you ever made an important decision based on a gut feeling? In retrospect, you will find that your intuition was usually correct.

• Mental versus intuitive abilities

Although intuitive ability and psychic ability are somewhat related, the terms are not interchangeable. Almost all psychics are intuitive, but not all intuitive people are psychic. The difference is how the information is processed.

If you are psychic, you can receive messages through your five senses. Then, it’s up to your sixth sense to interpret those messages. In contrast, intuition gives you an explanation before you have any information about your situation.

Do you have a gut feeling?

How often do you listen to your inner voice for guidance? We all have one, but some people are more familiar with them. According to an article published by Discover magazine, psychologists are not sure if everyone has intuition or an inner voice.

Ten Behaviors That Can Block Your Intuitive Power, However, Dr. James Honeycutt explains that listening to your gut can help with problem-solving and goal-setting.

Do you want to develop your intuitive abilities and have more confidence in your decisions? While you should always review information to make an informed decision, the voice of your heart is also important. Here are ten habits that can unblock your intuition and allow you to benefit from it.

1. Recognize your inner voice

When you buy a new tool or device, it is wise to read the instructions before using it. Likewise, becoming more familiar with your inner voice can help you develop better intuitive abilities. It’s usually the same soft, gentle voice you hear in your mind when you’re reading or thinking.

However, your intuition may not always speak to you in words. Often it will use symbols that are uniquely recognizable to you. It’s the same mental process as when you dream. Whether you hear a voice, see a symbol, or just feel an urge, your inner being is trying to communicate. Try paying attention to this gentle guidance and see how it affects your life situation. The more you use your intuition, the stronger it becomes.

2. Intuitive practice schedule

It’s never easy when you’re trying to take care of your family, career, and other social responsibilities. Most people must schedule time each day for physical fitness and other self-care. While strengthening your body, don’t forget to include time for your mind and spirit.

Dedicate a few minutes each day to thinking through problems and important decisions. Sit quietly and tune into your gut feeling. These exercises not only help you become more sensitive, but they can also improve your creative problem-solving skills.

3. Believe in yourself

We have Shakespeare’s plays to thank for countless words of wisdom, such as “Thy be true.” Do you think it’s easier to listen to other people’s advice than your own intuition? Maybe because you need more faith in yourself.

No one knows you better than you. Remind yourself daily that you are worthy and can trust your inner wisdom. A strong belief in your intuitive abilities means better decisions and fulfilling your life goals.

4. Work with the universe

Everything in the universe is eternally connected at the cosmic level. Your actions, words, and thoughts attract the same, positive or negative. This is called the Law of Attraction and you can use it to your advantage.

As you master your intuitive skills, try asking questions out loud. You can address them to the universe, or a deity, or you can identify the source of knowledge. Ask questions about problems and decisions and listen to your heart. The universe will align with your affirmations and you will notice more positive changes.

5. Explore your intuitive abilities through writing

Isn’t it frustrating when you have an inspiring thought and can’t remember it later? Here is another benefit of keeping a journal. As you meditate and focus on your intuitive voice, keep your journal handy to write down any words, signs, or impressions you receive.

Journaling can be your central tool for practicing listening to your inner voice, trusting yourself, and connecting with the universe. You build confidence in your intuition when you review past journal entries. You are more apt to believe in yourself as you see positive results.

6. Create some space

A study published by Dr. Joseph Ferrari in Current Psychology suggests a connection between clutter and procrastination, both behavioral and indecisive. Being surrounded by piles of stuff can increase your anxiety levels and contribute to depression and other mental issues.

It’s almost impossible to hear your inner voice as your space and your mind sink into chaos.

Does your living space look more like a flea market than a personal sanctuary? Decluttering not only gives you more room to move and breathe, but it can clear your mind. Selling, donating, recycling, or pitching things may take some time, but it’s worth the effort.

7. Practicing gratitude

Sometimes, it’s easy to have a negative attitude when the media bombards you with doom and gloom every day. Unfortunately, such an attitude can stifle your inner voice and give off negative vibrations. There’s no pretending that evil exists, and disasters do happen, but they don’t need to be your daily focus.

Instead, focus on the good things in your life and show gratitude. Consider dedicating a section of your journal to writing a gratitude list. You can think of so many things to write that you may need a separate gratitude journal. How many times have you or a loved one escaped heartache or disaster?

Did the voice of your heart play a role in this? When you are grateful for your many blessings, you develop more contentment and joy.

8. Try prediction tools

Although there is a difference between being psychic and intuitive, both skills can be improved by using divination tools. Contrary to popular belief, tools like runes and tarot cards are not magical and cannot predict the future. They use symbols that the reader interprets subjectively.

Many of these divination tools have been used for thousands of years. Many people use crystals to raise their spiritual vibration and focus on their intuitive side. You can use oracle cards, runes, a crystal ball, or a water-scrying bowl. Choose the tool or tools that speak best to you.

9. Find a mentor

Because some people are naturally more in tune with their heart’s voice than others, they make excellent mentors. No one knows why, but intuitive abilities often run in families. If you have a relative or friend who you think is exceptionally intuitive, talk to them about ways to improve your skills. Many cultures throughout history and today practice elder respect.

They believe that the younger generation has a lot to learn from the words and experiences of their elders. Plus, you might be surprised at how intuitive kids can be when you talk to them.

10. Listen to the voice of nature

Some of your deepest inner conversations with yourself can happen in the great outdoors. There is something mystical and simple about being surrounded by green plants, plants, and woodland animals. As you stroll through a forest or your neighborhood park, listen to your heart as the birds sing overhead, Ten Behaviors That Can Block Your Intuitive Power.

Walking can benefit you physically, mentally, and spiritually. Please think about how animals rely on their instincts and don’t question themselves. If people need a reason, you also need to listen to your inner voice.

Ultimate Thoughts on Unlocking Your Intuitive Powers:

When you learn to block out the noise and distractions of the world for a while, you will hear better, still small voices. The more you learn to listen and trust your gut instincts, the more you will see a difference in your life. Sometimes, you make a choice because it feels right.


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