Real Inspirational True Story!!

Real Inspirational True Story!!

When living alone
becomes a habit
Just then the creator of some people
Find out.
When good with them
It becomes a habit to stay,
Just then again
You have to be alone
________George Barnard


Pride is the secret of the heart
Chamber matters, anyone
hand there
can’t touch

………Sunil Gangopadhyay


Pride in childhood
I would get a lot if I did.
And now there are many things to be proud of

For then there was fullness in love,
And now love gets emptiness!
Unpleasant but true!
Humayun Ahmed

Almost everyone

have an interest in love,
But its implementation
Very few people can
And those who can
They are really lucky
_____PH Rupak

Grief never comes alone – in groups
comes up

– Shakespeare

“Today’s girls
Like writing a diary
no time They are true to themselves
the secret
want to don’t want to write”

— Humayun Ahmed

“Human life is a simple one
number More and more as the days go by
We solve it
heading towards.”

Humayun Ahmed


Everyone can change the world
But thinking
Someone trying to change himself
does not
___ Leo Tolstoy

“He is the happiest in the world,
that knows nothing.
Life is only if you understand more about the world
gets complicated”
Humayun Ahmed

I don’t care about the test at all
not worried
Because of the exam
A few pages of the ledger
Determining my future

__Thomas Alva Edison

of love
If there is anything in the world
Remains, but his name
the pain

___ Ravi Tagore

Shakespeare’s mother
As Shakespeare said,
“You are very weak in English,
If you fail this time,
Then I’m yours
I will not continue my studies.”
Shakespeare himself in English
Can’t do masters
And now Shakespeare
No one in English except reading books
Can’t do masters
So try sometime
Not just getting a higher degree
to do,
Always try knowledge
to achieve

I am fast to be first ever in the exam
I could not be but the name of the world
Those who are fast in Kara Vasiti
They are now we are employees
——— Bill Gates

I am not handsome, but I have two hands to
help someone – William Shakespeare
“Fortunate are the cowards
Looking at, men want
To your own strength. yours
Arms, yours
head will pull you up
Not your forehead.”
— Dr. Lutfar Rahman.


“And when you fall in love
You don’t want to sleep;
Because then your real life
It will be happier than a dream.”
—Dr. Seuss.

We know one day we will die
This is why the world is so beautiful
It takes. If I knew we didn’t die
Then the world is never so beautiful
Didn’t think so.
– Humayun Ahmed

It is very important to have dreams… dreams
If not, sleep in the morning
There is no point in getting up…
If you sleep all your life…
——– Humayun Ahmed

We are scholars without reading, we are heroes without fighting, we pretend to be civilized, and we are patriots with evasion. We are very polite, very intelligent, and not crazy about anything. We will pass, earn and smoke. We will not advance, follow, act, or advise!!–
Rabindranath Tagore


Believe in yourself.
to own decisions.
If you believe
That you are your field of work
But believe in yourself
Never give up.
Take risks if necessary, though
Never walk behind.
You will see one day your faith
Find you the right way
will give
-Steve Jobs

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