Police arrest six from Hong Kong independent news outlet

Police arrest six from Hong Kong independent news outlet

Hong Kong police have arrested six people from an independent news outlet for” conspiracy to publish inflammatory publications”. Both current and former staff members of Stand News were among those targeted. Further, 200 police officers were also transferred to raid the publication’s office, with hunt operations still underway.

Police said in a statement that they were authorized to” search and seize applicable journalistic accouterments”. The current and former principal editors of Stand News were among those arrested, as well as pop star turned republic icon Denise Ho, who was a former board member.

She verified in a Facebook post that she had been arrested on the same charge, and had been taken to Western District Police Station. Those arrested-three men and three women-are progressed between 34 and 73 times old.

Hong Kong will’ always need intelligencers’ Footage posted on Stand News’Facebook runner also showed multiple police officers at the door of deputy assignment director Ronson Chan early Wednesday morning.

Mr. Chan wasn’t arrested but he was taken in for questioning by police. The night ahead, Mr. Chan had hosted the periodic regale of the Hong Kong Intelligencers Association (HKJA), of which he’s the speaker.

In a speech, he substantiated the check of Apple Daily, saying that the incident had” shaken”Hong Kong.

He concluded by saying the megacity would” always need the verity and always need intelligencers. no matter how delicate the road ahead is, the (Hong Kong Intelligencers Association) won’t fall down”. Before this time, hundreds of police raided the demesne of the now-defunct Apple Daily-a publication known for being an oral critic of the Hong Kong and Chinese leadership.

Its means were firmed, directors were detained and the paper shut down soon after. Its check left Stand News as one of the last openly-democratic publications in the megacity. It was among a sprinkle of fairly new online news doors that especially gained elevation during the 2019 pro-democracy demurrers.

The apprehensions also come a day after media mogul Jimmy Lai, the author of Apple Daily, was slighted with the same charge indeed as he serves a jail judgment for a litany of separate charges against him. The HKJA said in a statement that it was”deeply concerned” about Wednesday’s incident, and prompted”the government to cover press freedom in agreement with the Basic Law.”

The Basic Law, which came into effect when Hong Kong was handed back to China from Britain, protects rights similar to freedom of assembly and freedom of speech. Demurrers to’ loyalists why China is fraudulent in crushing HK dissent

How Apple Daily pushed Hong Kong’s boundaries:

China’s new law Why is Hong Kong upset? Hong Kong authorities have been decreasingly cracking down on dissent in the megacity, following the duty of public security law.

The controversial law criminalizes secession, subversion, and conspiracy with foreign forces, and carries a maximum judgment of life in captivity. Critics say the law effectively reduces Hong Kong’s judicial autonomy and made it easier to discipline demonstrators and activists.

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