Mass shooting in Monterey demesne during Lunar New Year fests kills 10!

Mass shooting in Monterey demesne during Lunar New Year fests kills 10!

Ten people were killed and at least 10 injured in a mass firing at a Monterey Park chamber Saturday night, Jan. 21, while residers were celebrating the Lunar New Year, officers said. This happens after the Lunar New Year festivity of the” Time of the Rabbit” in the megacity center. The firing was reported at the chamber at 122W, Mass shooting in Monterey demesne during the Lunar New Year fest kills 10!

Garvey Ave., near the crossroad of Garvey and Garfield avenues. A broadcast report said that thousands of people attended the event in the megacity. latterly, police and the exigency medical labor force were on the scene as Monterey Park police delved into the chamber firing.

Mass shooting in Monterey demesne during Lunar New Year fests kills 10!, substantiations gathered at the scene late Saturday night, and roads in the area were cordoned off. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department homicide investigators were dispatched to the scene to help. Nine people were killed, LASD reported around 250a.m. About an hour latterly, LASDCapt.

Andrew Meyer said during a news conference that 10 people were dead and at least 10 were injured. He said that their condition is stable to critical. Shots were fired in a chamber around 1020p.m. And appears to be an insulated incident, said Deputy Tracy Koerner. It happed about an hour after the megacity’s Lunar New Year jubilee ended. No questionable information was incontinently available but the marksman, who remains at large, is a man.

Meyer said investigators don’t have information on a motive for the blowups.” It’s too early in the disquisition to know if this is a hate crime,” Meyer said. He said officers responding to a call of shots fired at a business saw people coming out of the position” screaming.” Officers went outside and set up fresh victims. near agencies are aiding the Monterey Park Police and Fire Departments El Monte and Alhambra police and South Pasadena fire crews were on the scene, according to videotape and broadcast reports from the scene.

An alternate conceivably related situation in Alhambra is being delved into, Meyer said.

A megacity of about,000, according to tale numbers, Monterey Park is located east of Los Angeles and is squeezed between the 10 and 60 highways. About 65 percent of its residents are Asian and numerous will celebrate the Lunar New Year, China’s most important periodic vacation.

Anyone with information about the firing is encouraged to communicate with the Sheriff’s Department’s Homicide Bureau at(323)890-5500.

Information can be handed anonymously to” Crime Stoppers” by telephoning( 800) 222- TIPS( 8477).

The alternate night of the megacity’s planned Lunar New Year fests, listed for Sunday evening, was canceled after Saturday’s firing. Saturday’s firing follows a sprinkle of other high-profile mass or spree blowups in recent times in Southern California

Mass shooting in Monterey demesne during Lunar New Year fests kills 10!, On May 15, 2022, at a Taiwanese church in Laguna Woods where David Wenwei Chou is indicted of fatally shooting a croaker
and wounding five others.

On March 31, 2021, four people were killed and a woman was injured at a real estate office in Orange. Suspect Aminadab Gaxiola Gonzalez was eventually set up not fit to stand trial.

On November 14, 2019, two scholars failed at Saugus High School. Nov. 8, 2018, in Thousand Oaks where a marksman killed 12 people before killing himself at a Borderline bar. A Ventura County sheriff’s deputy failed after law enforcement responded to the firing.

Mass shooting in Monterey demesne during Lunar New Year fests kills 10! On December 2, 2015, 14 people were killed in a terrorist attack in San Bernardino.

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