Life is full of disappointment! Don’t worry! Always Remember it…

Life is full of disappointment! Don’t worry! Always Remember it…

“Swami Vivekananda”

” Let the world suppose what you suppose. Stick to your pretensions, the world will one day stand on your bases.”

” Serve instantly. Give freely. Love selflessly. Spend wisely. Argue logically. Speak compactly.”

” Until you believe in yourself, you won’t believe in God.”

” We reap what we sow. We make our own fortune, no bone
to condemn, no bone
to praise.”

” Believe that all strength is within you, don’t believe that you’re weak. Learn to stand up and fete the divinity within you.”

” Nothing additional is demanded. What’s demanded is love, love and forbearance. Life is expansion and expansion and love are the same thing. So love is life, it’s the only speed of life.”

” To rise, exfoliate your inner pride and shine.for only those who shine can rise.”

” No matter what others suppose and do, noway lower your norms of godliness, morality, and love for God. He who loves God has nothing to sweat from the cunning. godliness is the topmost and most godly power in heaven and on earth.”

” Our aspect isn’t backward, but forward, so go forward. And exercise the religion you’re proud to call your religion. God help you.”

“Still, you know you are on the wrong track,” If you do not get into trouble all day.”

” Bhakti, Yoga, and Air- these are the three paths of emancipation. Everyone’s duty is to follow his right path. But Karma Yoga should be given special significance in this age.”

” noway forget those who help you. noway detest those who love you. noway betray those who trust you.”

” Take pitfalls in life, lead when you win, and lead when you lose.”

Life is full of disappointment! Don’t worry! Always Remember it

” noway say, noway say I can’t. You’re horizonless and all power within you, you can do anything.”

” Ignorance is the bond, we’re bound by ignorance. The rise of knowledge will destroy ignorance, knowledge will bring us out of ignorance.”

” Don’t look back, only look forward with horizonless energy, horizonless courage, horizonless courage, and horizonless tolerance- these alone can negotiate great effects.”

” Our studies make us what we come to; so be careful what you suppose. Words matter. studies live; they travel a long way.”

” Flashback only the dastardly and the weak commit sin and taradiddle. The stalwart and strong-conscious are always righteous. Try to be honest, stalwart, and compassionate.” Still, it’s the sin of weakness,”

“If there’s any sin in the world. Abandon all weakness — death in weakness, sin in weakness.”

” You stalwart youthful men, believe that you’re born to do great effects. Fear not the barking of the canine — nor the potent thunder from the sky — Arise, arise, act.”

“Life is full of disappointment at Swami Vivekananda”

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