If someone else takes the fruit of their own pain It’s really sad…!!

If someone else takes the fruit of their own pain It’s really sad…!!

Best Motivational Heart Touching Story Video | It feels really bad when someone else takes the consequences of their own pain!!

Eight months later…
Adibar’s mother has been coming to Adibar’s house for two days now. Adiba replaced her stepmother with her mother. But like him could not give him the place of his daughter.

Adiba’s mother is with her younger brother. Adiba’s younger brother’s name is Arif. Read at seven now.

Adiba’s mother considers her a stepdaughter and Adiba’s brother does not consider Adiba a step-sister at all. Adiba loves her like a sister in her mother’s womb.

Adiba was in the kitchen heating milk for Antilla. Antilla is lying on the swing. Adil is in the office. And Adiba’s mother is in the room.

Hearing Antila crying, Adiba ran from the kitchen and came to Antila. With Antilla in his arms

“— What happened, mother? Why are you crying so much like a rotten girl?
don’t cry dad I am bringing milk for you. Go to sleep like a lazy girl.

Your mother has a lot of work. After work mom will play with you a lot.

Adiba’s mother comes out of the house after hearing Antila’s cry. Adiba’s mother comes to Adiba and sees Adiba giving milk to Antilla (feeder).

“— What’s the point of treating the next girl with so much love and care?
After listening to his mother’s words, Adiba looked at her mother’s face and decided to feed Antila again.

Adiba was not surprised to hear such words from Adiba’s mother. Because Adiba has heard such things many times before since childhood. So today Adiba didn’t have much trouble considering it new.

It has become a habit to hear these things now. Adiba was taking Antilla from the balcony to the room without saying anything to her mother.

“— What can I say, she is not your own daughter. She was not born from your womb. No matter how much you care for her now, one day she will grow up and say you are her stepmother.

“— Mom I don’t want to hear these things so please don’t come and tell me these things.

“— I am speaking for your own good. You have a child of your own. Make your identity in this world. Don’t care so much about the next girl and think about yourself.

Adiba put Antilla in the cradle and turned to her mother
— Do you say for my good? Really mom, you think about my good?

Can I spend my whole life in peace and happiness if I tie the pole in the world?

If I do not have my own children, this family will not be mine?
And who told you Antilla is not my daughter? Can be a mother after birth, or can not be a mother?

“— If I didn’t think about your good, I wouldn’t have married you in such a good house. How can you keep the world in your hands if you don’t have a mature pole in the world?

If you don’t have children of your own, this girl will be the sole owner of this huge property. You get nothing it’s never yours. What is your relationship with this girl?

Blood relations do not see their parents now.
“— Hello your mother. Shut up. I can’t listen anymore. You thought of my good and married me to a married man ten years older than me for the sake of money.

I still don’t know if he sends you money every month. I don’t want to keep this family. I want to make a place in the hearts of the people of the world with love.

Wealth, and money, don’t last forever, but love lasts forever. I don’t want even a part of this huge property. Thinking that you will never be yours, you never take me as yours, right mom?

My bond of love, the bond of relationship with Antilla. The bond of a relationship is greater than the bond of blood.

I don’t want to be like you mom. I want to shower my daughter with all my love.

“—I was only thinking about you. Do whatever you want. You will listen to me. Why listen to me and not your own mother?

“- Have you ever thought of yourself as my own mother?

If you remember me, hug me on your chest. If you think of me, never push me away as a religious girl.

If you think of me, don’t leave me home alone as a child, and keep me close to you.

If you thought of me, when I couldn’t sleep at night because of fear, you would be by my side and put your hand on my head and sing me lullabies.

If you think about me, don’t marry me to a married man right after the SSC exam.

Antilla started crying while lying on the swing. Adiba heard Antila’s cry and went to the room with Antila in her arms. Adiba’s mother is still watching Adiba’s departure.

Hearing Adiba’s words, tears are rolling in the corners of Adiba’s mother’s eyes. Adiba’s mother feels guilty. If you once treated Adiba as your own child. Adiba was given a little care.

In the afternoon, Adibar’s mother left Arif’s house with Arif. While leaving, I really wanted to hug Adiba for once, but I couldn’t because of my guilt.

Adil came home in the evening. Garland of some Shiuli flowers in hand. Adil came into the room and put the garland of Shiuli flowers in front of the dressing table, untied the necktie, and asked Adiba to unbutton the shirt. Adiba heard Adil’s call from the next room and came to this room.

“— where is mom?
“– it’s gone.
“— Why did you leave?
Well, when did you go?
“— It’s late afternoon.
“—to stay a few more days.

Adiba was leaving the room avoiding Adil without answering Adil’s words. Adil from behind

— What happened to Adibar?
“– nothing happened.

“– It’s no use lying. I can tell the difference between your truth and your lies.”

“– Mother never thought of me as her own daughter. She always saw me as a stepdaughter. She never gave me the love that a mother of a child expects from a mother.

Thinking that I will not be my own, he kept me away all my life, and never pulled me close. I have no complaint against my mother.

“—Hmm, but why are you thinking and saying these things now?
“— Mom wants him to neglect me and my daughter because he neglected me all his life.

As I suffered every day to get my mother’s love, my daughter must also suffer every moment. Because the latter seems to him never to be his own.

Adiba started crying saying the words. Adil is still surprised to see Adiba. Can’t say anything.

Adil would never have known that a man could be so good without seeing Adiba.

(I wanted to finish the story in this episode but am trying to write a bit bigger as per your request. Now someone said in the comment box that I am copying the story.

I am not saying anything about my story being carried on by many people under their own names. But now it feels really bad to hear someone calling me a copycat.

Anyway, I’ll finish it tomorrow and not make it big. I don’t want to write anymore after hearing this.)

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