How Russia tries to bowdlerize Western social media!!

How Russia tries to bowdlerize Western social media!!

Google and Meta face the trouble of multi-million-dollar forfeitures for failing to cancel content that the Russian government considers illegal-but a close look at court papers reveals these frequently simply post about demurrers in support of jugged opposition leader Alexei Navalny, How Russia tries to bowdlerize Western social media.

In the summer of 2018, a Russian minstrel writing under the alias Siberian Viking posted a mock on his Facebook account. It showed the double-headed eagle of the Russian fleece of arms, with the raspberry’s heads replaced by faces of President Vladimir Putin and the also-high minister, Dmitri Medvedev. Alongside it was a short lyric, professing that the eagle was doubly as greedy as others, prevaricated doubly as important, and carried out surveillance with four eyes.

It ended with an emotional cry”When will Russians awaken to remove this contagion?” The Russian government told Facebook to remove the post because of its” blatant discourteousness towards the state, the constitution and the chairman of the Russian Federation”.

Facebook didn’t misbehave, and the post featured in one of further than 60 suits launched against Western social media in Russia this time, performing in forfeitures of further than$ 2m. It’s not clear how numerous of the forfeitures have actually been paid.

But the cases punctuate the difficulty of operating in a country where restrictions are placed on freedom of speech and political exertion-most especially the ruling in June this time that the anti-Corruption Foundation headed by jugged opposition leader Alexei Navalny is a” revolutionist” organization, on a par with the Taliban or the Islamic State group.

According to the head of media controller Roskomnadzor, Andrei Lipov, social media companies are obliged to find and remove”the most dangerous effects”, which he listed in an interview with the Kommersant review as” child pornography, self-murder, medicines, unreasonableness, and fake news.

But a close examination of the roughly 400 posts listed in court proceedings against Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter reveals that just nine concern child abuse or medicines, and only 12 relate to self-murder. The inviting maturity is called to attend-Navalny demonstrations.

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