Heart Touching Best Motivational Quotes in English | When people forget to live, then a person looks for a clinging to life at the end of life…..

Heart Touching Best Motivational Quotes in English | When people forget to live, then a person looks for a clinging to life at the end of life…..

When people forget to live,
Then a man looks for clinging to survive.
Which is at the end of life…..

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Life needs to be spent with him.
whose mind is more beautiful than its appearance.

When both laugh together after quarreling,
There is no other moment as beautiful as that moment.

If you understand, dear, love is not a theorem of Pythagoras, which must be proved.
Love is like Ravi Tagore’s last poem, which only has to be realized.

Every relationship in life should be like a lock and key, complementing each other.

I have captured some of the pride of love in a small blue envelope,
When the time is right, I will send it to your address.

A responsible person is needed more than a beautiful person in life.

Give happiness to the one you love while he is still alive.
Because everyone in the world saw the Taj Mahal, but Mumtaz herself could not see it.

The deeper the river, the less the sound of its current.
Those who have more depth of love, less happiness in their life
Because they suffer much less.

All relationships begin with unknown dialogue,
Love is concentrated in every touching conversation.

I burn and die, in the emptiness of your smile.
I float away laughing, in the fulfillment of your dreams.

If you understand, dear, if you want to hold hands, hold them completely.
Everyone can pave the road, or else you will pass your life.

Communication may be broken, but don’t let love be broken.
Because if love is separated, communication will never happen again.

If you find the right person as your life partner, you can forget only the ex, the whole past.

If you are looking for good quality people if you are looking for everything perfect you will not find love.

The more a girl loves a boy,
He felt even more shy to look into her eyes.
And the more a boy loves a girl,
More than that, he is afraid of losing the person he loves.

There is happiness even in a small house if there is true love there.

When you leave, love is lost.
Love remains even in unfinished stories.

Who said if you love you have to get him??
Don’t let some love be a dream.

No one can love you like the one who cried for you.

Gone doesn’t mean lost.
You were, are, and will be forever in my heart.
Be well dear, wherever you are.

Love is not an illusion, love is an illusion,
Even if the infatuation leaves, the illusion doesn’t leave, so even if the person you love leaves, the illusion remains.

He who forgets you on the pretext of busyness has never loved you.
And the one who takes out some time to inquire about you even in his busy schedule, he really loves you.

You may get better than me, but not all good has love.

There is never any competition in love. The game of defeat and defeat is never played with the person you love, love is from the heart, not from the head!

Faith makes the impossible possible.
And love makes everything easy.

It doesn’t matter how many days, how many years, how many months you are with your loved one,
What matters is how much space you occupy in his mind.

Love the one who comes in times of danger and says nothing will happen, I am here.

Love the one you love like that.
That he doesn’t need someone else’s love in life

Heart Touching Best Motivational Quotes in Bangla | When people forget to live, then a person looks for a clinging to live Which in the end in life…..

Don’t hold someone back, keep them going.
Even then, he may go, if he has to stay, he will stay, because love is not forced.

Don’t settle for anything else in love, trust is very important.
Even if you don’t talk, you can love even if you don’t see.
But when the foundation of faith becomes weak, it is not possible to hold back love.

That doesn’t change you but helps you become a better person.
He really loves you, never make the mistake of leaving him.

Whatever the question, you are the answer.
Whatever road you aim for,
No matter how hard you are, you are happy.
No matter how many fights with you, love is you.

Who said love is not good, who said what is the use of love?
If there is a pull of love, all happiness surrounds the person no matter what he is.

Care for two or four days is love, and care for a lifetime is love.

At the end of life, you will be what God made you be.

Selfless loving people are the best gift of your life. Whose debt is not repaid with money?

Someone who loves you will give you time.
Because nothing in the world is more valuable than time.

If there is depth in love, all obstacles and obstacles will gradually disappear in some strange magical magic.
Only one pure love remains, and two happy hearts.

Don’t waste time chasing butterflies.
Cultivate flowers, and butterflies will follow you.

Love, love in such a way that your heart trembles at the thought of leaving.

Don’t worry too much about anyone, you will fall in love.
Don’t hurt anyone, you will suffer yourself later.
Love someone, will be lost.
Don’t forget to find someone, otherwise, you will suffer for the rest of your life.

When man forgets to live, a man seeks to cling to and live.

Everyone says that if you express love, you will get neglected.
I say, if you show love in front of the right people, you don’t get neglected, but you get double love.

If you loved carefully, maybe every love would be fulfilled.

You have to know how to handle the person you love.
Love is not only found in love, but love is also inexhaustible.

It is better to live in someone’s love than to die in someone’s neglect.

“Love does not demand rights, love gives freedom.”

“He who has shackles binds with them, and he who has nothing tries to bind with illusion.”

“Love is not a mere emotion, love is eternal truth.”

“Love has no flavor without a little anger.”

“People forget that love is an art, which has to be recreated every day.”

“In war and love, nothing goes as planned.”

“Almost everyone in this world falls in love with someone who is the opposite.”

“Girls never fall in love with polite boys. What arises is compassion.”

“Like is a feeling that once it starts, everything likes it.”

“Love is like a bird, when it is in a cage, people want to set it free.
And when he is in the open air he wants to be caged.”


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