FIFA and EA Sports are on a new path from tomorrow after a 30-year relationship

FIFA and EA Sports are on a new path from tomorrow after a 30-year relationship

It was previously reported that FIFA has cut ties with Electronic Arts (EA), one of the biggest franchises in video game history. This journey is officially over. Three decades after its release, the final installment of the football game ‘FIFA 23’ is all set to release next Friday. The first installment was published in 1993, FIFA and EA Sports are on a new path from tomorrow after a 30-year relationship.

FIFA and EA Sports are on a new path from tomorrow after a 30-year relationship. US game maker Electronics Arts (EA) and world football’s governing body FIFA have been negotiating their deal for months.

However, when FIFA announced in May that it was looking for a new partner, it confirmed that the two teams would part ways. EA has said that they will relaunch their game next year under the name ‘EA Sports FC’.

In their latest edition, EA has also included a women’s club for the first time. Although they are only from England and France. A few years ago they included women players in their game.

French World Cup winner Kylian Mbappe has placed Australian star Sam Carr, who plays for the English club Chelsea, on the cover of this game. Meanwhile, since EA and FIFA’s split became public, many have privately expressed doubts about the success of the two teams.

Analysts, however, say EA is more likely to succeed after the breakup. They have been developing and marketing games for over 30 years, which has put them in a strong position.

It was reported last year that 32.5 million copies of FIFA games have been sold over 30 years. Through which the income is more than 2 billion dollars. However, since yesterday these calculations are only in the past.

Gamers, however, don’t care much about this institutional hassle. Rather, they are more interested in the new version. Gamers who have pre-ordered will be able to play from September 27.

Professional esports gamers also earn a good amount of money from it. One of the game’s most successful players, Donovan Hunt, tweeted, “This is one of my favorite games.”

Critics also praised the game’s improvements. Especially in the field of graphics, they think that there has been an improvement compared to before. Gamereader site expert Ben Wilson wrote, ‘FIFA 23 puts the series on top before the farewell. Besides, he has given a message to be enthusiastic about the debut of EA Sports FC next year.

EA made $5.6 billion in revenue last year, making them one of the largest video game producers. However, conflict between the two sides erupted after FIFA raised the license fee from $150 million to $250 million a year. Which eventually leads to their separation.

EA will no longer be able to use the names of FIFA or FIFA-affiliated competitions when announcing new games. However, they can use the names of players and the names of competitions outside of FIFA (such as the English Premier League).

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