Existence in emptiness: Writing by Writer Buddhist!

Existence in emptiness: Writing by Writer Buddhist!

What kind of tutor are you keeping, mother? Come and teach, busy with mobile. If the student is focused on the phone, what will you teach? Just give me that much money. I was startled to hear that in the next room, I put my mobile phone on the table and tried to listen to what he was saying. The voice is completely unfamiliar in this house, I have been doing tuition in this house for a month and a half but I have not seen any person with such a voice. Extreme anger is understood in the words. Aunty said in a soft voice.

You are coming home after so long, why did you say you are looking over there?

Immediately the boy replied with a little mood,
Don’t you have a paid tutor? Then you will not notice whether it is teaching properly or not?

Then I did not hear any sound Maybe gone to the inner room. I thought Aunty would say something but she didn’t say anything positive about me. I have to go to another room by the window of this room, he may have seen me running the phone from behind. I unknowingly felt bad. Eyes were blurred again and again.

I looked at my student Yas and he was looking at me. He is in class nine, nothing is beyond his comprehension. I did not understand what I should say now. I haven’t read Yas in this few day’s money deal. I am giving him so much time even after the final year examination in front of me. Now the issue of money is coming, then I will give up this tuition.

Slowly I got up with my fists clenched.
Going to my aunt’s room on the left, I saw someone in front of me with blurred eyes and moved away. The boy stopped with me, unbuttoned his shirt, came out of the room, looked at me, and didn’t understand why. I lowered my eyes and waited for him to leave. But Gelona, ​​on the contrary, turned from side to side for a while and said,

Preilly are you here?
This time I found a very familiar voice. I was startled and looked at his face, I was shocked, the word was uttered in obscurity, Tias! I moved a little bit, looked back, and went to my aunt’s room without saying anything. Aslam said it is not possible to do this tuition.
Aunty’s questioning also said whether she was leaving after hearing about her eldest son. I somehow avoided this topic under the pretext of my own examination. I didn’t pay any attention to Aunty’s words, again Tias wanted to say something from behind, I didn’t even hear that.
I was walking down the street and trying in vain to wipe away the fine sweat from my forehead, just like Tias!
I came to the room, left the bag, and lay down on the bed for a while. With the fan above, the head also seems to be spinning in a circle. I have been in that house for so long but I did not understand that it is the family of Tias. If I had known, I would never have set foot in that house. I have known the family for a month and a half, but I only knew Tias for many years, when his parents didn’t know anything about the family.

He did not correct a bit, otherwise, how is it possible to use the tutor in the next room?

After standing on the railing for a long time, it suddenly occurred to him that he had come and listened to Preli and was talking nonsense about running the phone. That’s why Preli didn’t go to her mother’s room than to leave tuition? Tias saw his mother come out in front of him. When he saw her, he said,

Let’s eat. And listen, you are coming because from today you will read Yas.
Tias whispered,
Does that mean that Preli has given up tuition?
Tias’s mother was a little surprised and said,
Who is Kiri Preli? Are you talking about Lear?
Tias was unprepared and said,

From Prelia I say Preilly and you say, Leia. It’s the same.
This time Tias’s mother Rozina said,
What will you do if you don’t leave? Does anyone say that? He did not understand the time to read an hour, half an hour? Your brother that ass sits on him and teaches him to read and then goes. What would the girl say so long? So I used to call a little in between. Do you know how good the result of the second term of Yas has been in one month of teaching? I brought the result sheet yesterday.

Tias closed his eyes and put one hand on his head and said, Existence in emptiness: Writing by Writer Buddhist!
Shouldn’t I have been notified earlier? Do I know that you have a new tutor? Besides, if you know this girl is coming, believe me, even if I just read and use my mobile phone, I wouldn’t say goodbye. On the contrary, I used to pay more on my behalf and keep it the same year after year.

Tias’s mother looked at her son and said,
Are you worried about Leah already? Or like to see?
Tias looked at his mother sideways and smiled a little and left. He grabbed the boy with such a smile, maybe he liked it after seeing Leah. Existence in emptiness, Tias’s mother Rozina also likes Leah very much these days The color of the bright skin in green is Lear, the eyes are as if created only by Maya. She is not an Ahamri beauty. But anyone will fall in love even if they don’t want to have a sweet and sweet behavior. The name Prilia seems difficult to him, so he pronounces the last simple word and just calls her Leah. Leah has now forgotten the full name of Prelia as she calls. Even so, everyone except Tias calls her Leah.

The evening came down, Existence in emptiness, I hadn’t gotten out of bed yet. I didn’t even eat in a hurry at noon. As soon as the Maghrib Azan came, my roommate, Prabha came to the room, opened the hijab with the light switch, and said in a tired voice,
why are you sleeping so hard! The room is dark, any problems? Are you feeling sick?
I slowly got up with one hand, combed my unruly hair and picked up the rice pan, and saw that the rice cooked in the morning was very wet. I threw these and put rice.
I washed my hands and saw Prabha talking to a friend very close to her. When Prabha praises her boyfriend very much, I know why I feel an unbearable feeling. Even then I somehow avoided this issue. I find the word friendship between a boy and a girl very poisonous. Today, in the middle of his words, I said,

Prabha, is this city too small?
Prabha removed the screen of the phone and looked at me and said,
Do you think you are small? Till today, have you gone anywhere except home, university, and two tuitions? How do you know this city is small?
I wiped my face, looked at him, and said with an artificial smile,

Talk to your friend.
I sat down to read in the evening. Lots to study. It is important for me to make a name for myself outside of the family structure.
I was not thinking, Existence in emptiness, I was trying to read aloud. After a while, the phone rang. I was shocked when I looked at the screen, the mother of the student, that is, the phone from the mother of Tias. Numerous phone calls have come from his number before but it did not flash like today. My hand was shaking to receive the phone. As soon as she received the call, Aunty said,

Lia, you haven’t known me in so many days? Have I ever called you evil until today? If you have exams, you will take time, then you will study again later But why did you decide to leave tuition in a hurry? Are you angry over the words of Tias? Then come tomorrow, I’ll say sorry to him.
I gasped and said,

No, no aunty sorry. Besides, he is very talented, he studied for some time. After that, I will try to come.
There was a whisper on the other side, then Aunty said,

Well, I got it. But Tias wants to apologize to you. Can you meet him
I was even more surprised to hear Aunty’s words. He is recommending to become a mother and apologize to an unknown girl with his son. It’s like hot smoke coming out of my ears. Does it mean that Tias told his mother everything about me, even though I was cut off?

If so, what do I do with this face and go in front of Aunty?
Auntie knows me very well, Existence in emptiness, how can she admit that so much has happened for my mistake?
No, no, I will never bring the past back. I forgot everything, it was my fault, so I have to correct those mistakes again like 4 years ago. I will disappear again
I went to the back door and saw Prabha still talking on the verandah. I lay down with a sigh of annoyance. The next morning I told Prabha,

Prabha I will look for a new home somewhere a little away from here, and I will not take you there. After a few months of testing, I will leave the city again like a service.
Prabha did not understand anything. Just looked at Ha for a while.
I moved to a new house in two days Now I have to give up both tuitions. I will look for new tuition tomorrow. College is a mile away from this home. I want to stay away even if it is far away.
I turned off the previous number on the same day, now I picked up the new number and called my father.
As soon as I received the call, I heard a lot of excitement in my father’s voice. I asked,
Dad, are you okay?

Existence in emptiness:

Without answering my question, my father said,
how did you keep the number. Listen, mother, you don’t come home today.
Somewhat surprised, I said,
You don’t know how busy I am? I will come only after the examination.
In response, the father said,
Your grandfather’s body is bad. Want to see you No income!
I let out a sigh and said,

I left before noon. Arrive around noon. As soon as I got off at the station, I saw my younger brother, my cousin, and some of their friends standing in front of me.
Seeing me, they started moving forward with the bag To this day, no one has ever come to pick me up from the station I still didn’t understand,

But as soon as I set foot on the door of the house, my tonic moved, what is the reason for so many people in the house to crowd me? Everyone is standing there to greet a new friend with a smile.
I called my mother and asked her why, and she said,
Lia, tomorrow is yellow on you. Understand the relationship from a large family? That’s why so many people have come to see you. Our Leah is the daughter-in-law of Major Ehsan Mahbub!

I have been listening to this for so long, but hearing Bhabhi’s last words, my whole body became stiff. I was just looking at everyone like a robot. In the meanwhile, my mother came forward and took my hand and said,
What do you need to say to the girl at the door? Don’t let me in, then tell me what to say.

Even though I entered such a familiar house today, Existence in emptiness, I know why I was getting an unfamiliar feeling. No one took such a big decision in my life without telling me! Then the decision to give the shop to the person from whom I have been running away for so many years? But why does he want to do it?

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