Drinking Iced Tea During Pregnancy – Is It Safe?

Drinking Iced Tea During Pregnancy – Is It Safe?

During pregnancy, it is important to monitor everything you eat or drink. Indiscriminate consumption of any foodstuff can harm the baby and affect your health, so watch what you eat and drink. Many foods and drinks should be avoided or at least very limited during pregnancy. Iced tea is a nice refreshing drink, but it contains caffeine and sugar, so we should check if it is safe to consume during pregnancy. Let’s see, Drinking Iced Tea During Pregnancy – Is It Safe?

Can pregnant women drink iced tea?
Packed or bottled iced tea contains a lot of sugar, which is not recommended during pregnancy. If you are a lifelong iced tea lover, pregnancy can increase this craving and you should stay away from it. Instead, you can drink homemade iced tea with less sugar, or add honey instead of sugar.

How much caffeine is in ice?
Caffeine levels vary depending on the brand and flavor of iced tea you choose. On average, a serving of iced tea contains about 12 mg to 18 mg of caffeine. During pregnancy, one should not consume more than 200 mg of caffeine per day. If iced tea is part of your daily caffeine intake, it won’t hurt you to consume it, as tea contains less caffeine than coffee.

Is ice tea useful in pregnancy?
Tea is a healthy drink that pregnant women can drink in moderation. Let’s know the various benefits of iced tea:

1. Provides instant refreshment
Overheating in summer can make you cranky, not to mention morning sickness. A glass of iced tea will help you beat the heat and ward off morning sickness. You will also experience a very immediate energy boost thanks to the caffeine in the drink.

2. Contains antioxidants
Hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy increase free radicals and tea can help keep them at bay. Tea contains antioxidants that are also effective in preventing DNA damage.

Harmful effects of drinking iced tea during pregnancy
Full of caffeine, tea can have harmful effects on your and your baby’s health. Here are some harmful effects of drinking tea that you should know.

1. Causes of Abortion
If you increase your caffeine intake and drink a lot of tea during pregnancy, your chances of miscarriage increase. Excess caffeine can cause miscarriage.

2. Increases the chance of neural tube defects
Caffeine in iced tea can interfere with folic acid absorption, leading to neural tube defects like spina bifida.

3. Low birth weight
Studies have shown that drinking iced tea during pregnancy can lead to low birth weight babies. This is mainly due to the high caffeine content of tea.

4. Anemia begins

Pregnant women need a lot of iron during this period and drinking tea often causes iron deficiency. Drinking too much tea with food can deplete iron in the body, which can cause anemia in pregnant women. Alternatively, you can include meat and poultry in your diet to provide the iron you need.

5. Fixed Birth
Excessive consumption of caffeinated beverages can be one of the causes of stillbirth. Although the desire to drink tea will be high, make sure that you do not drink more than the prescribed limit of iced tea intake during pregnancy.

6. Causes of dehydration
You will notice that the frequency of urination increases after you drink the tea, as it acts as a diuretic. This can cause dehydration and you may lose the salt and minerals your body needs during pregnancy.

7. Loss of sleep
A good night’s sleep is one of the primary requirements for staying fresh and healthy during pregnancy. Insomnia is the first casualty of increasing caffeine levels in your body due to drinking iced tea, especially before you go to bed. Make sure you don’t drink tea before the end of your day and it can prevent insomnia.

Is lemon iced tea good during pregnancy?
Iced tea is available in various flavors and lemon is a popular item among iced tea lovers. While iced lemon tea in moderation is harmless, bottled iced tea contains high amounts of sugar, which can make it harmful. Lemon tea can boost your body’s antioxidants and taste, but the presence of sugar can greatly reduce these benefits. Instead, you can make decaffeinated tea at home and add a slice of lemon to it to quench your thirst.

Healthy Iced Tea Recipe
1. Lemongrass Mint Iced Tea
This refreshing drink is delicious and easy to make.


Tea bags – 2 pcs
Lemongrass stalks – 1
Mint – 2 leaves
Water – 4 cups.
How to make:

Boil the water and turn off the heat and add the rest of the ingredients.
After five minutes, remove the tea bags, pour the mixture into a jug or bottle and refrigerate.
Once chilled, pour into a glass, add 2 ice-cubes and enjoy.
2. Lemon Pomegranate Iced Tea
This is another great iced tea recipe,

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