Controlling diabetes without drug!!

According to Ayurveda, the combination of three elements in diabetes control is mentioned:

Ayurveda marks diabetes as a metabolic disease. Diabetes can not be completely cured, but can be controlled if properly tried.

When insulin can not produce enough or when the body can not use insulin, then diabetes can be seen. This disease causes increased blood glucose.

1) Yellow:

An essential part of the kitchen is yellow. Yellow antioxidants that can help to prevent infection and inflammation. Studies show that the yellowing carcumin called the active role in preventing diabetes. It reduces blood glucose levels.

2) Aloe vera jail:

Early studies show that the use of Aloe vera gel can help control blood sugar levels and diabetes. The reason for this positive effect is that there is a compound like lectin, mannant ananthacuinone.

3) Baypatha:

Beyond penicillin increases insulin function. One study found that there was significant improvement in the insulin function of type 2 diabetes patients after eating about one month of bay leaf. Hypoglyceric properties of bayagazine help in insulin resistance. This page is so active for essential oils and phytochemicals.

For diabetes, see how you can make this mixture of three elements:


  •  One tablespoon aloe vera gel.
  •  half teaspoon turmeric and
  •  Two to three bay leaves.

Method: Be sure to consult the doctor before taking the medication and this mixture two. To maintain the blood sugar levels, mix all the ingredients together, grind them or blender, and eat the mixture before lunch and before dinner.

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