Begun business with 7 lakh rupees as an understudy and presently 50 crores!

Begun business with 7 lakh rupees as an understudy and presently 50 crores!

Mohammad Azizul Haque began procuring his most memorable pay by associating various pieces of PCs and making them usable while concentrating on the second year of graduation. His cohort and companion Abdullah Al Masud was related to him in this work, Begun business with 7 lakh rupees as an understudy and presently 50 crores!

This drive taken by them as understudies later prompted their advantage in business in the innovation area. After the progress of the primary endeavor, they created innovation administrations, for example, vehicle global positioning frameworks, OTT stages, and advanced set-top boxes. He established an organization called Nexdecade Innovation Restricted, which utilizes around 150 individuals.

Mohammad Azizul Haque, Administrator of NextDecade Innovation, and champ of the SME Business visionary of the Year Grant 2021 (Medium Classification) discusses his endeavors and his accomplishments in the innovation area.

During the discussion, he said that even quite a while back, there was not such a lot of purpose for innovation at all levels of the country. There was likewise a deficiency of individuals working in this area. Notwithstanding, Dhaka City School software engineering understudy Mohammad Azizul and his companion Abdullah Al Masud generally needed to work with new advancements.

Be that as it may, normal work was not accessible then, at that point. So because of low pay, numerous families encourage to leave this work and search for a task. Be that as it may, the two companions didn’t surrender. They keep on attempting to accomplish something in the innovation area. That work in the end brought them achievement.

Azizul said, “In 2003-04, completely constructed PCs were not really accessible. Parts must be purchased and gathered. That was the main business thought that rang a bell.

We began selling total PCs by collecting different parts. There was a benefit of 4,000 takas. After this, Mohammad Azizul, a child of Chandpur, became inspired by equipment as well as programming.

Buddy as expected companion Abdullah Al Masoud. The two began cooperating to foster programming and sites. Their capital keeps on developing.

Azizul said, “Masood and I used to do web facilitating and area enlistment. We used to get 20 to 25 thousand rupees for each work. From that point on, we began setting aside cash for greater things, Begun business with 7 lakh rupees as an understudy and presently 50 crores!.

Hence, after certain reserve funds, the two companions considered organizing their joint endeavors in the innovation area. Next decade Innovation was established in 2006 from that idea. They began the excursion with just 7 lakh rupees and 15 laborers. Presently it is an association of 200 workers. The underlying capital of the organization was its own reserve funds and advances from direct relations. Azizul said that their tentative arrangements additionally worked behind the decision of the association’s name.

They want to chip away at the following 10 years, for example, expected advancements of the following ten years.

Notwithstanding the prior work, the two companions began creating repeating (bill bookkeeping) programming for different associations through the new organization.

Additionally, invest energy in exploring other innovation organizations. The progress of this examination comes following two years. Azizul said, ‘There was no vehicle following innovation in the country around 2008. However, the adjoining nation was India.

As we have seen, it is feasible to hold the vehicle under steady surveillance in the event that the programmed control arrangement of the vehicle can be created utilizing innovation. It can likewise decrease vehicle robbery.

From this thought, they fostered an innovation called Nexdecade Vehicle Global positioning framework (VTS) in 2008. By utilizing this innovation, the vehicle proprietor can know the area of the vehicle consistently.

Indeed, even in the wake of making VTS, he confronted an emergency in its promotion. Thus, in 2010, he consented to an arrangement with an organization in the telecom area to carry this new innovation administration to additional clients.

Later they restricted to two different organizations in the telecom area for VTS innovation. As the business develops, the requirement for new capital emerges, Begun business with 7 lakh rupees as an understudy and presently 50 crores!.

So the two companions added the two as colleagues under new speculation terms. From that point forward, they didn’t need to think back.

Until now, around 40,000 clients are utilizing the VTS innovation created by NextDecade. Presently, aside from private vehicles, their following innovation is being utilized in transport, trucks, CNG, and water vessels.

What’s more, with the assistance of VTS innovation, around over two hundred taken vehicles have been recuperated up to this point.

After the progress of VTS, Azizul and Masood began cooperating to make an OTT stage. Azizul said, “We saw that OTT will be the future famous medium in the diversion world. So I began buckling down on it.

Subsequent to making an underlying system, in 2019 we consented to an arrangement with Banglalink, a telecom area organization, named “Toffee”. Building an OTT platform.

Now their fantasy is to take the country’s OTT stage to a worldwide level like Netflix, and Amazon.

In the meantime, because of an administration choice, the utilization of computerized set-top boxes is expanding in the country since a year ago. In any case, seeing the utilization of this innovation in different nations, Azizul and Masood understood its significance in 2014.

Understanding the future potential, two companions and four different accomplices began building computerized set-top boxes.

Be that as it may, this time, rather than Nexdecade, he opened a different auxiliary called In addition to Tech Businesses. Azizul expressed, as of now around 1 million advanced set-top boxes are being utilized in the country.

Out of this, around two lakh rupees have a place with their association. These set-top boxes made with Chinese innovation and unrefined substances are produced in the country exclusively by their organization.

Azizul said that as of now 33 specialists are engaged in making set-top boxes. The manner in which the business is growing, the turnover of their organization will be 40 crore rupees one year from now.

In this present circumstance, Azizul’s fantasy is to open programming preparing focuses in all Upazilas of the country to include the young people of the country in the innovation area. As per him, innovation is a growing and promising area.

So you can never surrender. Progress in this area will come assuming that you stick to and increment the extent of information.

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