An old mason is truly a life incident story!

An old mason is truly a life incident story!

” The price of success is hard work, fidelity to the task at hand, and whether we win or lose, we apply our stylish to the task at hand.”- Vince Lombardi

An old mason is truly a life incident story! An old mason wanted to retire from his work. So he went to his master and said,’ Boss, I want to retire from erecting this house and spend time with my woman and children.

His master was kindly burdened by this as he was a veritably skillful and professed mason. He said,’ Okay, but before we go, will you help us make one further house?’ The old mason reluctantly agreed to this offer. But after starting work it turns out that he has no heart and is always allowing about withdrawal.

Always allowing about home. So this job turned out to be the worst job he ever did, An old mason is truly a life incident story!

When the construction of the house was completed, the proprietor came to see the house and gave the key to the old man and said,’ This is your house from now on, my gift to you.’
Hearing this, the old man rued!

He allowed himself,’ Ah! I wish I knew I was erecting my own house! also, this will be the stylish job of my life!’

In fact, we’re making our lives like this house every day. But we frequently forget that. And so we try far lower than our stylish in everything, do far less.

However, An old mason is truly a life incident story, we can give our stylish sweats If we can realize this variety moment. We can not go back to the days left in our lives, you’re the mason of your life, who’s erecting your life day by day with bricks, wood, and nails.

Your hard work, hard work, and hard work moment will make the house you live in hereafter. So take care moment!

What we can learn from the story-

1. still, you’re cheating yourself, If you cheat.
2. No job should be taken smoothly.
3. Be patient in all effects.
4. You should try to give your stylish in every task.
5. There’s no rest in life without death. So work as important as you can.

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